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Aude Somniare..........Dare to Dream


Recording Project with the London Symphony Orchestra

Ian Oakley Music Services is proud to be working on a project featuring the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios. Read more below. 


August 2015

A message from Ian Oakley

About three years ago I began working on this project which is the fulfillment of the dream of a lifetime. The album, It Is Well with My Soul, which will feature myself at the piano accompanied by eighty members of the incredible London Symphony Orchestra. There are also a number of award-winning special guests who are collaborating on this album which is a cinematic-style journey through songs of the Christian faith. Two years ago, we recorded the orchestra’s performances at the most famous studio complex in the world, Abbey Road Studios in London, England. 

This is by far the most ambitious endeavour that I have ever been a part of and we are now approaching the final stages. My team and I hope to finish production towards the end of this year.  Through various sources of funding, we have managed to get this far in the project and now I'm asking for your help

The most urgent need is to finish recording the guest artists in order to complete the album in time for this year's holiday season. Your generous donation would help meet this need.  

When you give towards this project, we would like to offer you some exciting rewards ranging from autographed, limited edition CDs to private concerts to custom musical arrangements and many, many more.   If you are unable to donate at this time, we would appreciate your support by sharing this project with others. With your help we can spread the word and reach our goal. If we fall short of our production target date, we will have a "soft release" of a few songs to build momentum towards a later release of the completed project.

As you can imagine, recording a stellar 80-piece orchestra at such a famous venue is quite a tall order. Our motto is Aude Somniare which, translated from Latin, means Dare to Dream. This project is certainly a dream come true.  Music has the ability to inspire, entertain and comfort. I hope you are able to sense the excitement and will help us in seeing this dream come true.  Your donation will help share this music with audiences around the world. Please join me on this journey today. Thank you!

Click the link to donate via PayPal on IanOakley.com